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Survival Camping Hiking Emergency Fire Starter Flint Match Lighter KeyChain - Bl

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* Warnings : 1. The lighter contains flammable oil, so keep out of reach of children. 2. Don't put your fingers under flint when using ti avoid any scratch. 3. Keep the flame away from the lighter, blow out the flame after use rather than inserting the striking rod into the lighter. 4. Avoid long exposure to sunshine or a place where temperature is over 45?. 5. Don't keep the lighter burning longer than 10 seconds. 6. Fasten up the screw when you don't use the lighter any more, or oil will volatilize. * Filling : 1. Don't keep using the lighter if you find oil insufficient, e.g. The flame is tiny and the lighter becomes difficult to ignite, or wick may get wom. 2. Remove out the striking rod and fill slowly through the open end. Don't overfill the lighter. * Instructions for use : 1. Hold the lighter to by the side with your left hand and remove out the striking rod. 2. Turn the lighter to a right position so that you can use striking rod with your right hand. 3. Strike forcibly the flint with the striking rod to ignite. 4. Smooth strike at the flint could increase flint using times. 5.A new match its friction surface is coated with a layer of black dumb paint, Therefore, before the first use it,need worn surface coating (More than scraping a few times,can be grind metal qualities)?Can draw the spark and then adding kerosene,Soaked asbestos?Can on fire 6.When exposed asbestos is going to use the end of?Internal asbestos pulled out with pliers. 7.If you have one time not ignite,Please patience to try several times,When skilled, It is easy to ignite. Additional Details ------------------------------ Is autographed: false Is memorabilia: false